Training programs on “conservation and restoration of cultural property” in Turkey has been conducted mainly by the graduate programs on immovable cultural property entitled “Restoration” at the Faculties of Architecture and the two-year associate degree programs entitled “Architectural Restoration”, “Restoration-Conservation” at the Vocational Schools.

Undergraduate programs on conservation and restoration of cultural property in the country has been started at the Faculties of Letters, Science-Letters and Fine Arts in the recent years. The curricula of these programs are mainly on conservation and restoration of immovable cultural property.

“Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property”, which is established at the Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Architecture, is a four-year undergraduate program both on movable and immovable cultural property. 

Basic study area of the Department is as follows; documentation of movable cultural property, artwork and immovable cultural property; identification and implementation of proper conservation and restoration methods through diagnosing current and potential deteriorative factors and deterioration mechanisms threatening cultural property.


Our department is aimed to fulfill the curriculum, which is developed in line with the Department’s vision and mission, as well as to carry out scientific research and projects, to make publications, to organize scientific meetings and other activities within the framework of national and international principles and basic approaches.


Our graduates will receive a graduate degree on “Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property”, and a title of “Conservator-Restorer”.


Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property of Yildiz Technical University will start its training by 2018-2019 Academic Year. 

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