Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property targets to train professional staff with the following qualifications:


To have the knowledge and skills in order to practice profession: To be able to perceive and apply theoretical/conceptual knowledge in field of conservation and restoration of cultural property and also in supporting fields such as archaeology, museology, history of art and architecture.


Respect to the legislation and ethical values: To be able to act in accordance with the national and international legislation, scientific principles, standards and professional ethics in order to carry out research and practice related to the field.


To be able to think analytically: To be able to carry out documentation, conservation- restoration and analysis in the field by researching, comparing and questioning traditional and contemporary methods.


To be able to work interdisciplinary: To be able to work in collaboration with related disciplines in the fields of sciences, social sciences and arts.


To be able to achieve process management: To be able to identify and interpret the problems of cultural property, develop solution proposals and prepare projects accordingly by using knowledge and skills gained in this field.


To be able to use technology: To be able to use up-to-date technology of related professional field.


To be able to understand that education is a lifelong process, and conduct cooperation with colleagues.